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Carroll deCarle is an old former airline stewardess, married for fifty three years to Arthur, an even older retired airline captain.  We moved from Florida after thirty eight years, leaving behind sun, surf, sand, sweltering summers, and hurricanes, to North Carolina's sun, surf, sand, sweltering summers, snow, sleet, ice and yes, yet again, . . . hurricanes.  We just can't seem to get rid of them.

Life's pretty good here, especially for our big Golden Retriever, Drummer, who finds happiness and trouble no matter where he is.  And does he ever enjoy the snow.  Plus, he also enjoys sticks . . . lots and lots of sticks.  The bigger the better.  I swear there are days when I could actually use a leaf blower to blow away all the debris that magically seems to attach itself to his body.  I've also learned, you NEVER put pages of your manuscript on the floor, because Goldens are not too particular about what they eat or where they eat it.  And, I'll absolutely guarantee, no matter how fast you think you are, you're never fast enough to catch him.  He's like a solid rocket booster.

Art and I have been fortunate throughout the years, to have traveled the globe.   Traveling with Crohn's or an ostomy of any kind, can prove challenging at times, to say the least.  However, you learn to cope, press on, and just keep traveling.  We've visited every continent except Africa.  By plane, ship, train and auto.  There are still several countries we've yet to visit, but, I can hear them calling my name.

Whether skiing a mountain in Switzerland or camping in your own backyard . . . JUST DO IT!  You'll be amazed at what you can do and the fun you'll have doing it.



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