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                                                      WELCOME TO THE HOME OF THE TRAVELING BOOK!!!

     This page is dedicated to all of you who have not only read my book, but have taken it with you on your travels.  The fun thing will be seeing where each of you have displayed the book as a reference point in regards to where in the world you all are.  This is going to be the most fun page EVER!!!  Just e-mail me your pictures and I'll post them on the website under the title, ENJOY.  But don't forget to add your name, the names of others with you, where you are and the date.  This way you'll not only see yourself and your friends, but we'll all know WHERE IN THE WORLD that book traveled.  I don't care if you are in Dubai, Paris, skiing down a mountain, fly fishing in a stream, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, with your girlfriends at a spa, relaxing in your easy chair in your family room, hang gliding, soaking in your hot tub with a cold drink, lounging on a beach, or simply swinging lazily in a hammock in your own backyard.  Let us all see those fabulous pictures of you with my book.  USE YOUR IMAGINATION and really make it fun and crazy!  The crazier the better.  Let's show everyone that whether you have Crohn's, colitis, cancer, or an ostomy of any kind, you can still live your life.  And have a blast in the process.  Don't EVER allow your disease to define who or what you are.  You are so much more.


     I'm looking forward to meeting each of you on my website,  on social media, and through e-mails.  And hopefully in person at book signings.  It shall be a great pleasure.  Never be timid about asking me anything.  If I don't immediately have an answer, I'll get it for you.  REMEMBER!!!  The only dumb question is the one you don't ask.     Thank you, CARROLL 


                                                               KEEP THOSE PICTURES COMING!!!!!



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