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Today is LAUNCH DAY. Yep, the first day of my website and I'm quite excited. Please forgive any glitches. I'm sure there will be some. Especially, being the novice techy that I am. I hope you'll all take time to visit with me. I would love hearing from you and whatever happens to be on your mind or in your heart. Thank you for allowing me into your world. I greatly appreciate your friendship and your support of my first book.

ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH CROHN'S is more than just my first book. It's a story of my life from 1970 until today. When I decided to write this book, I had no idea how the effects of everything I was writing about would impact my life. I'd spent years trying to forget those dark and painful days and move on with my life in a positive manner. Why would anyone in their right mind, want to subject themselves to dredging it up all over again? Well, you'll discover the answer to that dilemma in the book. In 2012 an event happened that changed my life and propelled me forward to make a positive impact by writing my book. God had a plan for me and dying wasn't it. Since 1971, He has been leading me in this direction. And I'm so grateful that I was smart enough to see what He was leading me toward and why it had to be done. Yes, there was a reason this book was written. And when you read it you'll understand. . . why.

Crohn's is an INCURABLE disease. Yes, you heard correctly. INCURABLE!!! Not only is it incurable, but it's a horribly insidious, excruciatingly painful and extremely debilitating disease. And those patients suffering with it, are mostly suffering in silence. It's not the thing you want to talk about at cocktail parties or at work. First of all, most people have NO IDEA what you are even talking about. They've never heard of Crohn's disease. Others, who do know about it is because they either have it or have a friend who has. We're just now seeing commercials on television pertaining to Crohn's but they don't mention what it is. They only mention the medicine they're selling to help with your symptoms. Learning to live with Crohn's disease is a challenge in itself. But learning to live with it and my ileostomy, was something you cannot even begin to imagine. Oh, yes, you have good days and bad days. When you are NOT IN REMISSION,, you have mostly horrible days. Days when the pain is so unbearable you don't think you'll last another minute.

When you are IN REMISSION, as I am now, your days are terrific. Right now, I am pain free. And that is the greatest feeling in the world. But does it mean I'm out of the woods? Huh!! If only!!! No, it means that I still must be careful, to some extent, as to what I eat. If I eat things that are extremely fibrous, then that can cause an intestinal blockage and that means a trip to the emergency room and a tube inserted down your throat to remove the issue.. And let me tell you, the pain associated with having a severe blockage is worse than labor pains. So yes, being in remission is definitely a very good thing. You just have to be aware of your food intake. Being vigilant is the key. I've made numerous trips to the ER simply because I thought I could get away with eating things I knew I should not. Sometimes you can tempt fate and win.. Other times, you realize you'd just made a huge mistake. Your tempting fate card expired and didn't tell you. And off to the ER once again. And once again vowing you'll NEVER eat something you should not, ever, ever, ever again. Until the next time that temptress comes knocking on your door and you're stupid enough to let her in.

Yep!!! I've been there and done all the stupid things there are to do with my Crohn's and my ileostomy. And you would think that after having put myself in that potentially disastrous situation, I would think twice the next time Well, my friends, it doesn't matter how long you've had your disease, you'll always make mistakes. It's part of the dance. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. It's how much you are willing to gamble with your own life. GAMBLING being the operative word!! You'll make the same mistakes as me. I know you will. It's that little voice inside your head that says, "maybe it'll be OK this time." And maybe it will. But then again, maybe it won't. But it's a risk you'll take because you want to. I know, because it's exactly what I did.

Thanks for allowing me to tell you a little bit about what not to do with your Crohn's or your ostomy. Hopefully, I will save you some very painful days and nights. Oh, who am I kidding!!! You'll do exactly what you want to do do. Just as I did. You'll learn from your mistakes too. Just as I did.

I would love for you to leave your comments and reviews. They are what make us better writers. Never be afraid to ask me a question. I learned a long time ago that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask!!! Also, please leave your name and e-mail address. I promise to get back to you.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and you'll visit me often right here. If I don't immediately have an answer for you, rest assured, I'll ferret it out no matter what it takes. CARROLL

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18. Juni 2018

I hope everyone had a terrific Father's Day weekend. Ours was lovey. I took my husband out to dinner on Saturday evening for his early Father's Day surprise at our favorite restaurant, The Chop House in High Point, NC. And for all of you Crohn's and ostomy patients out there, you know how difficult it is at times to enjoy your meal. Well, I had no trouble enjoying mine. I had prime rib, asparagus with Bearnaise sauce, a terrific bistro salad with cranberries and candied walnuts. And yes even a glass on Pinot Gregio and a creme brulee for dessert.

I remember the days when all of that would have been an impossibility as my gut would have revolted .…

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